Best New Year Credit Campaigns

The most suitable Christmas loan campaigns New Year is approaching. Everyone wants to buy a gift they love, but sometimes our budget is not suitable for this. In this case, it may be necessary to take advantage of bank credit. currency, bank loans are quite affordable. We have also prepared a letter about the most suitable Christmas loan campaigns applied by the banks so that you can easily get the Christmas gift to your loved one.


Christmas credit campaigns

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Balley Bank is one of the banks that make Christmas credit campaigns.

The loan amount is USD. You can use New Year’s credit with an interest rate of 0.99% per month, provided that the term is limited to 3,000.- and 12 months. USD as the credit upper limit. 65.000.- and a maximum maturity of 48 months. During the loan disbursement, a one-time loan allocation fee of 5 per thousand is charged. Life insurance is provided for the loan.

Another bank that organizes a new year loan campaign is Lite Lender.

Maximum 12 months maturity and USD. Up to 5.000.- monthly interest rate of 0.95 percent is applied. USD in scope of the campaign when needed. It is possible to use loans up to 50,000.- and 36 months maturity. Although the guarantor is not obligatory as a loan guarantee, branches can request a guarantor if they deem necessary. Loan allocation fee and life insurance are required for loan disbursement.

InLife Bank new year loan

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InLife Bank new year loan has been prepared under very favorable conditions.

It is possible to apply via SMS for the new year loan that both public personnel, private sector employees and retirees can benefit from.

It is possible to repay the loan with monthly equal installments, increasing installments, decreasing installments, 3-month grace period, monthly equal installments, quarterly equal installments, last installment balloon payment or variable installments. The credit line is USD. 2,000.- and USD. It is between 90.000.- maturity can vary between 3 months and 48 months. A loan allocation fee of 5 per thousand is charged for the loan disbursement. As a guarantee, the guarantor may be necessary at the initiative of the branch and life insurance is provided. 

The most suitable Christmas loan campaigns

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In today’s article, the last campaign we will examine about the Christmas loan campaigns organized by banks is the Lite Lender new year loan campaign.

Although there is no lower limit in the Lite Lender new year loan campaign, the upper limit that can be used from Tiran Internet or Tiran Cep is USD 25,000. For those who do not receive their salary payments from Lite Lender, the upper limit is 25,000 USD. The interest rate starts at 1.39 percent, the maturity starts at least 3 months and can be extended up to 48 months. Credit allocation fee and life insurance are compulsory.

The Christmas needs campaigns prepared by the banks are within the scope of the Demand Loan Campaigns that they generally make available. For this reason, additional collaterals such as guarantor conditions etc. become important for loan approval. Note that your credit risk report gains importance based on the evaluation of these loans.

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